Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Enable IPC Introduces the S/Cap RFID Tag

This morning, we were excited to announce the launch of a new product: the S/Cap RFID Tag. 

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.  Whether they realize it or not, most people encounter RFID everyday; when they use the EZPass tollway, when the use their "SpeedPass" device at Mobil stations, when they have the chip placed in their pets in case they get lost . . . there are many examples of RFID in use right now and many more are sure to follow.

(Check out our blog posting on RFID basics to learn more)

Our tag is geared toward asset tracking.  Companies might use it to keep track of expensive equipment.  Protecting assets means more than just ensuring no one walks away with a piece of equipment. An oft-cited 2007 report published by McAfee and Datamonitor estimates that an average laptop, which might cost $1,000, holds data worth $972,000, and could store as much as $8.8 million in commercially sensitive information and intellectual property.

Also, the internal costs – in time, productivity and cash – of physically trying to track a misplaced asset or locating and purchasing a needed replacement due to loss or theft can be enormous.

What makes our tag truly unique, however, is its power source.  Most tags do not use a power source, and those that do typically will use a small battery that will last maybe a year or two.  We don't use a battery; we combined an ultracapacitor with a small light panel instead.

The result is a read range of up to 75 feet (other tags in this class will read anywhere from 3 to 40 feet or so).  In addition, because ultracapacitors can outlast batteries by as much as 1000x, our tag could last longer than many of the assets it tracks.

So, while most tags we compete with offer 90 day to 1 year limited warranties, we offer a 7 year limited warranty.

We are excited about this new product.  We think it will enhance and expand the use of RFID, especially in outdoor and harsh environments.

The press release on our new product can be found here:  

More information on the tag, including a link to download or view a data sheet, can be found at http://rfid.enableipc.com

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