Thursday, November 1, 2012

RFID In Use Worldwide

An update on the worldwide use of RFID tags:

  • In London, fuel efficiency is being increased by using RFID tagged tires in combination with tire pressure and tread measurements to quickly and efficiently identify tires in need of maintenance/replacement
  • A Finnish Railroad agency is combining RFID tagged railroad cars with wheel & axle monitoring equipment to identify cars in need of maintenance
  • A Canadian company is testing the use of RFID tagged hard hats combined with sensors on heavy equipment in order to improve worksite safety -- this would be like a smart-tech version of the tractor beeping while backing up
  • Pennsylvania Theme Park HersheyPark is using RFID wristbands to allow guests to easily make payments and access their RFID-enabled lockers
  • A French grocery store can change the prices on 30,000 items instantly using it's RFID tagged inventory
  • An Italian Art Glass studio is using RFID tagged art to ensure the authenticity of the piece while also providing information on artist